Zen Patio Design Ideas

If you want to have a nice and relaxing patio, then you should think about decorating it in the Zen style. Nowadays, many people opt for this style due to the fact that it is simple yet very beautiful. You can take the inspiration you need from the following Zen patio design ideas.

Even a small patio can be Zen

Small patios can also become Zen. You can easily transform a small place into one that will inspire tranquility and simplicity. You have one of the best examples in the above picture. It is highly recommended to use the colors of the Earth, such as brown, green, and so on. A small seating area just like the one in this photo will be perfect for your tiny Zen patio. You can even place a tall round table and some bar seats. Plants should not miss, and you need to go for some potted ones. They will add freshness to the entire place, and you will feel a lot better being surrounded by them.

Go for white

White furniture pieces like the ones in this picture will certainly make you relax, and feel comfortable on your patio. If you do not want to make the whole place look too crowded, then you should keep it as simple as you can, which is actually the main characteristic of Zen style. Therefore, just place 2 seats, a coffee table, and some potted plants, and your relaxation area will be ready. If you still have some free space, then you could get massage chair that will certainly provide you a deep relaxation after a long day of work.

Add a bit of color

A bit of color will always be welcomed as it can make the entire place look cheerful, and this will definitely have a positive impact on your well-being. Be creative and choose different ways to plant your greens. You can either plant them in the ground, or you could create a living wall, just like the one in this photo. In order to make sure your patio is all Zen, use the colors of the Earth and add a bit of cheerfulness by placing some colorful cushions on the seating area. Other elements which must not miss from your patio are the decorative stones and a small fountain as well. If you do not want to place these elements, then you could consider getting some Buddha statues, in different dimensions, and place them all around the place. All these Zen patio design ideas will definitely inspire you to create a place where you can highly relax.

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