How to Tend to Your Garden in Wintertime

A lot of beginner gardeners think that all activity ceases in the garden when winter comes, but they couldn’t be more wrong. The truth is that until the soil freezes, a lot of processes continue. Therefore, to make sure that you will have a healthy and beautiful garden when spring arrives and the white blanket of snow melts, continue to read this article to learn how to tend to your garden in wintertime.

How to handle flowers and perennials

Don’t forget to thoroughly water the flowers and perennials in the fall. When the ground freezes, cut the perennials until they measure 3 inches. Afterward, mulch them with a layer of leaves. If you have pachysandra in your garden, mulch this plant with pine needles before a heavy snowfall. Also, in case you have potted chrysanthemums, make sure that you move them to a sheltered area until their flowers fade. Afterward, water them well and cover them with a layer of straw until winter passes.

Protect the roses with mulch

Before the snowfall starts, enclose the rose shrubs in cylinders of metal or plastic. For maximum protection, you can use foam rose cones. For increased insulation and protection, fill these containers with leaves or shredded bark. Also, make sure that you protect the crown and the bud union of the roses by mulching with shredded leaves or wood chips.

Prepare the trees properly

Surround small trees and shrubs from the extreme winter cold with a cylinder of snow fencing. You can even pack the inside of the cylinder with shredded leaves to increase insulation. Also, before the heavy snow starts to fall, inspect the trees and remove any broken limbs.

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