How to Build an Outdoor Canopy Bed

A great addition to your garden is a canopy bed. You can lie on it whenever you have free time and the weather allows it, admiring the beauty of the plants in your garden, and breathing fresh and clean air. But instead of spending a lot of money on such a bed, read the following lines to learn how to build an outdoor canopy bed all by yourself. It’s a fun project that will help you save money, and you will have the satisfaction of doing it with your own two hands as well.

Materials that you need for the project

To make an outdoor canopy bed, you need a wooden bed frame, 7 pieces of square timber posts, 8 wood screws, 7 pieces of white flag fabric, 8 pieces of cable ties, wood stain, sandpapers, and a cotton rope. When it comes to the tools that you will be using, you need a screwdriver, a driller, a saw, and a sewing machine.


Cut one of the square timber posts into 2 equal pieces. If it’s needed, sand the wood to create a smooth surface. Afterward, apply wood stain, let it dry, and sand the wood again if it isn’t smooth enough yet. For easier screwing, drill holes where you plan on putting the screws. Next, screw together the wood frames. Bind the wood posts to the posts of the bed using cable binder. At this point, you’re done with the frame of the canopy bed. The next step is the fabric. Choose one of the cut fabrics as the top cover. Pin the short sides of the other cut fabrics to the sides of the top fabric, and sew them together. Place the fabric over the canopy bed frame, and secure it around the frame by tying it with string or cotton rope.

Comfort additions

Once you’re done with building the bed, it’s time to make the comfort additions. Therefore, buy a comfortable mattress that fits the canopy bed that you have created, and a couple of bamboo pillows that you will rest your head on when sitting on the outdoor bed. Dress the mattress in a cute, colorful cover, and the bamboo pillows in playful covers of different colors to make the outdoor canopy bed a colored and pleasant addition to the backyard.

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